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Steve AI isn't just Text to Video, it's Text to (Any Type Of) Video.

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What’s in Steve AI Video Generator

The only AI Video Maker you need to communicate better with a global audience.

The #1 AI Video Generator

Go from Prompt to Video, Script to Video, and Audio to Video with this patented AI tool to generate 7+ video output styles including Animations, GenAI, and Live training videos.

AI Video Generator
Text to Generative AI Video

Text to GenAI Video

This AI video making tool is powered by a custom Image generation technology to convert your thoughts into captivating educational videos. Explore multiple script categories to multiple video styles.

AI Audio to Video

AI Voice to Video

Convert any audio files or voice-overs into mesmerizing long and short videos. Reach wider audiences with Text Animation Effects and Podcast-friendly Templates.

Animated AI Talking Head Videos

Experience Avatars come to life in multiple angles, perfectly synchronized with flawless lip-syncing. Create Text to Animation training videos with over 400 prebuilt AI Avatars.

Animated Talking Head Video AI Talking Head Video

AI Avatar Builder

Leave behind the limited Human-like Avatars and explore billions of unique characters.

Global L&D teams use Steve AI animated character builder to create diverse Avatars beyond reality. From easy AI video creation to multiple customizations, make your courses fun and accessible.

Create AI Videos with the Largest Hybrid Assets Collection

Steve AI app offers millions of large human-created premium libraries and AI-generated assets including stock videos, animations, background music, properties, and more.

Advanced AI Video Editor

40+ Video Editing tools

AI Video Editor
AI Video Editing
Video Editing Software
AI Video Editor
AI Video Editing
Video Editing Software

Other AI

  • Poor Acurracy
  • Limited Assets
  • 1 Video Styles
  • Poor Data Training
  • Great to start a Video

Steve AI

  • 95% Accuracy
  • Largest Assets
  • 8+ Video Styles
  • 3+ Yrs Data Training
  • Great to Complete

All the security you will ever need

GDPR Security ISO Certificate CyberGRX CyberSecurity

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

L&D Teams

Communicate better with videos and make learning fun and interactive while also catering to the global teams at scale.

Human Resources (HR)

Make employee advocacy a norm with swift onboarding and policy training videos your employees would love to share. With Steve AI by your side, you can get your performance metrics off the roof.


Make your audiences come back for more with bite-sized videos for any social media platform. Get your followers growing by adding the AI spin to your content.

Educational Professionals

Nurture digitally enabled leaders by converting complex concepts into easily digestible videos. Steve AI's suite of classroom solutions will facilitate a two-way exchange of knowledge.

Everyone else

This AI movie maker lets you make a birthday wish, a wedding invite, or even a personal resume. Create anything you want, just the way you want!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steve AI?

Steve AI is an AI video generator that uses artificial intelligence to turn your ideas into engaging videos, even if you're not a pro editor.

The video creation process is simple and takes just a few seconds for professional video generation. You can create up to 20-minute videos with Steve AI.

With Steve's AI video making tool, you can generate +5 types of videos including Generative AI, Animation, Live-action, TalkingHead, and Hybrid (mix of all) with a Prompt, Text/Script, Blog, Voice, or any Page URL as inputs.

It is free to generate AI videos on Steve AI. The premium plans start as low as $15/month and you can also get customizations as part of the Enterprise plan

Yes, along with this you get a bunch of customizations in this AI tool like adding your own logos, uploading your own media, adding GIFs and creating YouTube Intros and Outros.

Your Prompting Skills meet our Creative Skills.

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